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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scrapbooker's Delight of a Site!

A deal for scrapbookers to die for!

Like a woot for scrapbookers, check out CropChocolate.

They don't limit themselves, though, to one deal a day, once something sells out, another item goes up.
Check out the cool la carte feature... you can put items in your cart, select the "Add this to my Chocolate a la Carte", and check out on either the 1st or the 15th of the month (they'll send you an e-mail reminder). This allows you to accumulate items for a two-week period, then pay a maximum of $7.99 shipping on the bunch. link

Thanks to Fatwallet for the heads up!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Free Crochet Patterns

  A whole slew of links to crochet patterns that are free online. Collected by a post on the CraftForum. If you don't already belong to the CraftForum you can join at this link. click here...
hats/kerchief/ hair accessories
crown Modern-Flapper-Hats patterns
"??Shell" kerchief
Triangle Scarf or Kerchief pretty
Triangle Head Scarf so pretty
Crochet Froggy Hat
Bernat: Pattern Detail - Baby Jacquards - Ruffle Hat (crochet)
Jinglelady's Crochet: Inspired Peek-a-Boo Baby Hat
Nubby Brim Cloche Crochet Pattern
Welcome to Loving Hugs . . . Stretchy Crocheted Hat Pattern
Donna's Crochet Designs Blog of Free Patterns: Free Crochet Pattern: Devil's Horns Hair Clips
conehat Shazzas Patterns: THE BUCKET HAT
Koolhaas Hat | Knitting Daily Online Store Project
hat for pigtails with knitting loom
Shazzas Patterns: THE BUCKET HAT
Koolhaas Hat | Knitting Daily Online Store Project
hat for pigtails with knitting loom
Earthly Fae: Jakes Cable Beanie for knitting Purple Newsboy Cap
cowboy hat
Crochet Froggy Hat
!!!!!!! My hat Crocheted cap in Eskimo and Scarf in Puddel ~ DROPS Design
Age's Crochet Pages--Patterns--Chain Stitch Kerchief
hugg'ems collectables - crochet designs - Santa Hat for Baby
Jinglelady's Crochet: Inspired Peek-a-Boo Baby Hat
newsboy hat Crochet Patterns for Sale 50768 Downloadable Pattern: Crochet Newsboy Cap : Lion Brand Yarn Company
hugg'ems - crocheted kerchief
american pride Bandana
kids Quick Kerchief
Patterns by Dot: ZIG ZAG SHELLS HAT
Yarn Happenings Kerchief
The Hook and I » Quick Kerchief
Perky Snood - Forget the baseball cap and reach for your snood instead.
Free Crochet Pattern 50057 Suede Cap : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Lion Brand Famous Designer Hat
Vintage Rose Cap Crochet. Free pattern » My Little CityGirl Free Knitting Patterns - Cookie Monster Hat - Kimberly Chapman's Knitting
mimi.csa - Free Pattern - Warm Cap with Brim
Crochet Patterns Only: Crochet Baby Cherry Hat
great pink wig like Phia's carton girl
visor beanie
Head Huggers
Holiday Pie-Rets (Pie Berets) - CROCHET Knotty Generation: Seagrass Cowgirl Hat Pattern
patterns for toys/items for kids
Quick and Easy Crocheted Doll FurnitureA-Z finger puppets - CROCHET
Mr Ribbet | Crochet
Me Angels Crochet - Tooth Fairy Tooth Pocket Pattern
Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set
Muppet Glasses Holder Crochetalong - CROCHET
cookie monster!!!knitted dolls, toys

Misc sites
Easy Crochet & Knit Patterns For Beginners
Converting Patterns Between Knit and Crochet
Cool Links
Interweave Crochet Magazine
Etsy :: theknittingsiren ::Jotextured tote
Free Knitting Tutorials - Kimberly Chapman's Knitting
Free Crochet Patterns. Ideas & Tips
p2 designs - Charity Patterns & Free Patterns
Care Wear Volunteers > Patterns: Crochet
Free Projects Home
Crocheting for all of your needs
multi color dyed wool
Free Crochet and Knit Patterns
Ambar's Christian Crochet: Patterns
Sue's Crochet and Knitting - Supplies, Yarn, Free Patterns
mk carroll: free patternsOur 20 Favorite Crochet Sites
Free Original Patterns - Crochetville Forum
Free Crochet Patterns - Over 500 Patterns
Patterns « Bits & Pieces
Crochet Sampler Square: Popcorn : Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about Knitting and Crochet : Lion Brand Yarn
20. Crocheting with Ruffles Yarn : Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) about Knitting and Crochet : Lion Brand Yarn
Must make scarf for Phia!!!! Free Crochet Pattern 50005-1 Girl's Hat & Boa / Scarf : Lion Brand Yarn Company
Learn how to Crochet with our Basic Delta Crochet Techniques
Jean Greenhowe Designs Official Website - Jean Greenhowe free knitting patterns, The Gothic Knitter: May 2006

Crocheted FlowersCrocheted Rosette
Free Crochet Pattern 40632 Flowered Cloche : Lion Brand Yarn Company« Crochet bythehook
Strip Method Crochet Rose
Three Flowers in One Free Crochet Pattern
How to Crochet a Daisy
How to Crochet a Four Leaf Clover
Crocheted Butterfly
Crochet Flowers | Free Craft Project


Cupcake Pincushion
Cup of milk
Gourmet Crochet Holiday Sweets and Treats Pattern at Dream Weaver Yarns LLC
Ice Cream Cones?
Donut Pincushion
Crocheted Cupcake Gift Box
Gourmet Crochet Gingerbread House Pattern at Dream Weaver Yarns LLCGourmet Crochet Cupcake Tree Pattern at Dream Weaver Yarns LLCGourmet Crochet Chocolate Sweets and Treats Pattern at Dream Weaver Yarns LLC
Free Pattern -- Crochet Lemon Meringue Pie Slice - CROCHET
Free Pattern -- Crochet Cherry Pie Slice - CROCHET
Recipe (aka Pattern) For Delicious Fruit Tarts - CROCHET
Bake Me a Cake « BitterSweet
Fauxstess, To the Extreme « BitterSweet
Hot Dog! « BitterSweet
One Bad Egg « BitterSweet
Heard It Through the Grape Vine « BitterSweet
Wake Up and Smell the Yarn « BitterSweet
Rad Radish « BitterSweet
crochet hamburger « creative controller
Butter Me Up « BitterSweet
Clackets! My Crafting blog: Tea anyone?
Monster Crochet: Free Pattern - Fried Egg Cuffs
crochetroo: Crochet Pears - free patternFree Food Crochet Pattern Links
Cake Sachets by Norma Lynn Hood . Free Patterns
Christine's Crocheted Teacup Pattern
The-A-TEAM: Cooking, crafting, creativity, & childrearing » Ice CreamConesCake Sachets by Norma Lynn Hood . Chocolate Cake Menu
Chocolate cream-filled egg
Birthday Cake Free Crochet Pattern - Inner Child CrochetBerroco® Free Pattern | Buttercream
kwoozy: Tutorial for rabbit and carrot stuffies
Sewing « BitterSweet
Marshmallow Peep Plush-torial by ~VesteNotus on deviantART
Crochet Patterns - Free Projects and DIY Gift Ideas from Craftbits.comStuffed Fabric Eggs | Make and Takes
Colorfool » play food : thefinalepisode
Patterns at Beansprout Creations
Autumn's Apple: The Finger Puppet | Crochet Me
A Pair of Cherries | Crochet Me

Crochet and More: Mmmmmmm.....
WR1070 Crocheted Fruits & Vegetables Basket
Pure wool felt in 42 colorspop corn chrochet
Ravelry: Crochet Vegetable Tray by NeedleNoodles
Gourmet Crochet Sweet Treats Potholders Pattern at Dream Weaver Yarns LLC
Jellied or Whole Cranberry Sauce? | Create!
Free Stuffed Lemon Crochet PatternFree Stuffed Marshmallow Crochet Pattern
Baby Fruit & Veggie Rattle Free Knitting Pattern - Jimmy Beans Wool
Indigo Muse Knits: Felted Fortune Cookies
i like lemons: scooped - knit ice cream cone patterns
Blah, Blah, Blahhhg: My Own Pattern IV: Cupcake
WR1086 Crochet Box of Chocolates

Baby items
baby shoe pattern
Shoes in Alpaca. ~ DROPS Design
Crocheted Baby Sneaker Booties
Children's Crocheted Sneaker Slippers
WM0270 Crochet Baby Hi-Tops
Crocheted Baby Booties
Free Crochet Baby strap slippers Pattern
Half hour booties Fake Mary Janes
Charity Pattern - Froggy Hat & Socks (knit)
Free Baby Crochet Patterns from our Free Crochet Patterns
HowStuffWorks "Free Baby Mary Jane Booties Knitting Patterns"
Baby hats and booties
ugg booties
Crochet Teddy Lovey
Crochet Plaid Baby Blanket
Crochet Pocket Blankie
Hooded Baby Blanket
Crocheted Sneakers
Crocheted Sneaker Slippers
Crocheted Baby Sneaker Booties
Quick Baby Sandals
Patterns ~ Charity patterns for fullterm and premature babies.
Charity Pattern - Poppy Hat & MaryJane Socks (knit)
New thing crochet: crochet pattern for baby mary jane booties
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Craft Forum $1,100 Contest Give Away!

Craft Forum $1,100 Contest Give Away!
Contest Ends: February 18, 2010 (midnight CST)

Details: You must register to participate. Each forum post that you make earns you a single entry in to the contest. You can also refer people to Craft Forum using your referral link (found in your User Control Panel). Each active referral (someone you refer who makes 5 or more posts) will gain you an additional 10 entries in to the contest. You can earn as many entries as you'd like! The more entries you earn, the better your chances to win!


1st Place Winner: $500 gift card (Your choice of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Sears, or JCPenney)

2nd Place Winner: $200 gift card (Your choice of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Sears, or JCPenney)

3rd - 10th Place Winners: $50 gift card (Your choice of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Sears, or JCPenney)

Over $1,000 in Gift Cards will be awarded! Be 1 of 10 lucky winners!

Winners to be announced on February 19, 2010.

enter to win here



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